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The opisthe is the posterior cell and the proter is the anterior cell. The proter will inherit the (seemingly more complicated) mouth of the organism while the opiste must develop it anew. It is possible to track clones by opisthe/proter for generations and this is used, among other reasons, to evaluate questions of senescense in the organism. (Are protozoa immortal?)
Ciliate have two types of nucleus. An active polyploid macronucleus and an inactive haploid(diploid?) micronucleus. Rejuvenation is accomplished by an exchange ot micronuclei, but cells can reproduce asexually.

Stylonychia Eats

Stylonychia injests a small ciliate:

Stylonychia Digests

Here Stylonychia has eaten a ciliate and is digesting it:

Stylonychia Walks

Yes a one-celled creature can walk

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