Bradley K. Sherman

I am Sole Proprietor of Ironic Systems , a consulting firm for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology.

I was Director of Bioinformatics at Mendel Biotechnology, Inc. from 1998 till 2008.

I am on the California State University, East Bay Computer Science Advisory Committee.

I was co-chair of the Special Session on Computer Infrastructure for Systems Biology at the 18th International Conference on Systems Engineering 16-18 August 2005.

I was at Incyte Pharmaceuticals from November 1996 through January 1998. While there I was in charge of production bioinformatics for the PhytoSeq and ZooSeq databases.

I was a co-organizer of the Biology Workshop at the First International Conference on the World-Wide Web, WWW'94, held in Geneva, Switzerland, and filed a trip report .

Dendrome project logo I was the software engineer and curator for the Dendrome Project, an electronic resource for the study of the molecular biology of forest trees, from 1991 through 1996. Dendrome is part of the Institute of Forest Genetics based in Albany and Placerville California, and at the University of California at Davis. Dendrome was reviewed in Science V.290, no 5495, p. 1255 17 November 2000.
Calflora logo I helped launch CalFlora, a botanical resource for California on the Internet while working on Dendrome.
syd is a synthetic data generator that mimics the distribution of alleles in a three-generation pedigree.

I wrote tgd which is a tool for creating GIF images on the fly from text files containing descriptions of graphical objects or names of other GIF files.

I helped set up the computer installations at Plant Genome I, II, III and IV, held in San Diego, California. I took some pictures of the computer room at Plant Genome III January, 1995.

I created the Frequently Asked Questions document for the ACEDB molecular biology database software and curated it from 1993 through 1996. I took some pictures of the 1994 ACEDB Workshop held near Montpellier, France .

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