Ironic Y2k Links

For the Rollover itself visit Ironic's Y2k is Now

  • You can win over $700 if you can prove that a car won't start due to a Y2k problem.

  • The main arena of discussion is the USENET newsgroup But first check out the FAQ maintained by Pam Hystad.

  • Electric Power is the primary concern, of course.   Read what the NERC has to say.

  • MITRE is boring, but thorough and maintains the MITRE/ESC Y2k Frequently Asked Questions

  • Arnold Trembley gives a wonderful blow-by-blow of the Y2k remediation at MasterCard International

  • For more information on Big Iron, IBM has a rollover alert page for the period 28 December through 5 January.

  • A rather uninformative Y2k page for the State of California exists.

  • Tired of hearing about Gary North ?   Read the anti-Gary North page.

  • Is the whole thing just a hoax? One Canadian thinks so.

  • Additional Y2k relief?   Try S. Poole's sardonic take on it.

  • Note the frequency of the word contingency at the Federal Aviation Administration Year 2000 Web Site

  • A fairly good introduction to embedded systems problems is available although the authors are unnecessarily pessimistic about devices which use two digits for the year. The Institution of Electrical Engineers (U.K.) has some examples of embedded systems failures.  Unfortunately these are anonymized.

  • Declan McCullagh has started a Y2k Culture E-zine

  • J.R. Stockton has compiled a list of critical dates

  • Need more?  A Heroic collection of Year 2000 Bookmarks is maintained by George Girod

  • Y2k Warning-Sign Predictions
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