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When Predicted Event Who Predicted When Predicted Result
1 October 1998 Major US banks Morgan Guaranty, Chase Manhattan and Bankers Trust are sent reeling as several Asia-Pacific financial institutions renege on Derivatives contracts. A banking chain-reaction weakens the entire banking infrastructure to the breaking point. Experts fear collapse if even minor Y2k problems arise. anonymous 1 June 1998 Close: I have to give partial credit on this. The LTCM hedge fund (i.e. derivatives) operated by Nobel laureates Merton and Scholes had to be bailed out in late September at a cost of billions, the stock market has dropped precipitously, and there are headlines about the precarious situation of global finance. There has been no reneging as far as I know, but the Asians are mad that crony-capitalism was used for U.S. firm LTCM, while they have been criticised for the same sort of action.
November 1998 Y2k featured in a weekly TV news magazine. arankin 19 May 1998 Correct: Y2k was the lead story on the McLaughlin Group (PBS) 12 July 1998
Also the lead story on 60 Minutes (CBS), 29 November 1998.
November 1998 Y2k disaster movies come out; Individual politicians will begin to accuse each other of not doing enough and "letting this potential disaster happen". Net effect: Y2k will begin to be discussed by "the man/woman on the street". Great controversy but little action by populace. Albert E. Ron 19 May 1998 Wrong: but see November 1999 below
November 1998 The newsgroup is split because of too much traffic. DS 13 July 1998 Correct: passed in USENET voting in early October 1998.
December 1998 Bank Runs begin in earnest as people withdraw cash for Christmas holiday, and don't stop withdrawing. Fed imposes monthly cap of 20% of 11/1998 bank balance for withdrawals of over $10,000. Articles on Gold become common, and Gold rises to $400 an ounce. Sherm S. 30 May 1998 Wrong
31 December 1998 Various posters to have predicted the DJIA for Y2k - 1. Various 7 September 1998 Interestingly, all the guesses were too low! The winner was who guessed 9250, actual was 9274.64.
1 January 1999 One or more power plant outages due to 'computer' problems. Y2k may or may not be mentioned, but the reason stated will be that the system could not properly handle the roll-over to 1999 (and we'll know why). Anonymous 5 October 1998 Wrong<